Alsayed Ali


Al Sayed Ali is responsible for creating and delivering marketing ideas and activities. He creates marketing materials, manages projects, and ensures our organization’s messages are consistent.

His Responsibilities:

- Create, deliver, edit, and optimize marketing materials.

- Ensure that messages are supportive of and consistent with marketing strategies.

- Supervise social media outreach.

- Deliver content via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, email, or direct mail.

- Coordinate and deliver email campaigns.

- Provide support to marketing department.

- Coordinate flow of information and communication and disseminate it according to plan/strategy.

- Work with manager and business units to determine event budget and manage expenses to that budget.

- Develop marketing communications campaigns.

- Create thought leadership materials.

- Identify, develop and execute communications strategy for key media contacts and customer references.

- Develop fresh story ideas.

- Conduct extensive media outreach.

- Improve communication efficiencies within the organization.

- Manage video content.

- Create and distribute customer surveys.