Vildana Lupceivic

Operations Coordinator


Vildana serves as operations coordinator. She plays an important role in Tekha Group’s team-based approach. She is responsible for providing administrative support to help ensure the efficient functioning of the organization and, in particular, its senior management team. She is  a strong problem solver, highly organized, detail oriented and comfortable multi-tasking in a fast-paced work environment. 

Her responsibilities: 

- Assist Managers in day-to-day coordination and management of business operational activities.

- Monitor, control and manage business operations to meet customer expectations and company goals.

- Liaise between customer and management to ensure smooth operations delivery.

- Coordinate and manage project tasks to ensure project delivery within allotted budget and timelines.

- Ensure compliance with company standards and procedures.

- Build and maintain strong customer relationship through regular meetings and communications.

- Evaluate current operational performance and provide strategic plan for improvements.

- Provide direction and guidance to internal teams to achieve performance targets.

- Identify problems in operations process and resolve them in quickly and timely manner.

- Follow standard operating procedures for efficient business operations.

- Maintain clear and accurate operations documents/procedures for reference purposes.