Ali Sufian

Business Development Coordinator


Ali serves as business development coordinator in Tekha Group. He contributes to the growth and development of our organization. He ensures business development towards better performance and more pronounced audience built. He also has the responsibility to ensure collection of information about other organizations. He relates with top management staff and provide assistance to them in planning and execution of our organization’s agenda. 

His responsibilities: 

- Liaise with management to develop business plans

- Implement plans towards strategic marketing of Tekha Group 
- Provide enabling environment for complementing the organization’s business plan strategically developed towards the better 
- Develop modalities towards overcoming competition and setting the business up as leader in the organization
- Oversee process involved in business development as the organization’s representative 
- Acquire knowledge about the organization and implement it
- Understand organization’s business operation and status, including specific opportunities, competitive landscape and business trend 
- Identify all potential leads towards placing the organization on the top of the market 
- Collect and share industrial and market intelligence among members of staff and management
- Collaborate with other members of organization towards better execution of company’s plans and business development activities